5 Reasons Why You Should Value Skincare

While the idea of having a daily skincare regimen can be a chore or one big "kaartehan", it’s not unnecessary. Even though most may get into skincare to get clearer skin and look better, one should understand that it has a lot to do with self-care and health, too. Here's why:

  1. Skincare is personal. Whether or not the genetic lottery is in your favor, there are still a ton of prescribed skincare routines, for whatever skin type. The struggle with this, though, is that online skincare routines won’t always do the trick - what works for others, may not work for you. The trial and error method can be costly and frustrating, especially if you’re like me, who has sensitive skin. Paying a visit to a good dermatologist helps too, especially when natural methods and drugstore toners fail you. Tailored skincare routines best address your skin’s needs, and do away with the unnecessary baggage of dealing with breakouts and scars.
  2. Your skin’s needs may change with the seasons. I honestly thought the complex and wide range of skincare products was just a tactic for brands to get you to shell out more money, but I was just being too cynical, I guess. Taking care of your skin is a lot of work, and environmental factors such as the weather play a role in your skin’s health. Your summer skincare routine may be too harsh in cold weather. It may be costly, but it’s all about how committed you are to paying attention to what the body needs.
  3. Builds your confidence. I had a lot of breakouts growing up, and clearing my face did help build my confidence, in this sense, because I would no longer be conscious of people staring at my pimples. But more than that, I feel that I became more confident when I got into skincare because I started developing other habits that made my body healthy: like sleeping early, keeping hydrated, and eating right.
  4. Helps establish other healthy routines and good habits. Like what I said earlier, skincare isn’t only about clearing your face of blackheads or acne, but a commitment to keeping your skin healthy. When you really get into it, you’ll find that there’s more to it than creams and face masks.
  5. The glorious results. Nothing is more satisfying than getting the results that we yearn for; and with great commitment to it, oftentimes, we get more than what we hope for. Anything can be achieved with a proper mindset and the right attitude.

Skincare is a luxury, especially when you really want to give yourself a full-blown treatment. But to keep things in perspective, it would be best to see what you can provide your skin with the means you have at present, and expand from there. The last thing we’d want is to break the bank with a regimen we can’t fully commit to.

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