Multitasking is a Productivity Killer - Monotask Instead

We tend to resolve to multitasking when there’s just too much to do, with so little time. There are days when we feel that 24 hours are just not enough for a productive day, but taking things all at once can actually be a hindrance to productivity, than actually achieving it.  This is why we suggest shifting towards the habit of monotasking. Focusing on one task before starting on another has a lot of discipline involved, but these three great things are sure to develop in the process:

1. Better focus

Having to do two things at once makes you overlook one task at some point. The multitasking lifestyle that called for constant shifts in attention has likely played a part in making our attention spans shorter and shorter. Through monotasking, you’re able to place better focus at the task you’re currently working on, allowing for a better understanding of your work. Plus, you’ll be less distracted! That’s a step towards productivity already.

2. Efficient work cycle

With fewer distractions, and your focus all geared towards a single task, you’re sure to cut down the time needed when working on something. Being aware of the number of tasks you have to do when monotasking also pushes you to manage your time better, allowing for better time management habits. In no time, you’ll find yourself energized and in the zone, when you find yourself drawing all those checkmarks on that to do list.

3. Keeping quality 

Quality work is a guarantee in monotasking because you’re able to place all your energy on your current task. You’re able to pay attention to all the details you need to attend to, resulting in an overall better performance. Keep quality a priority over quantity, always.

Multitasking can be tempting, and in some instances, it is appropriate. But for things that truly require your time and attention, it’s best to keep your focus on one thing at a time. 


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