Style Roundup: 4 Outfits to Take from Desk to Drinks

After a long day’s work, being able to unwind is essential for every girl - preferably with the comfort of friends and a tall glass of wine.

The struggle, at times, is finding the perfect outfit for a night out. Taking our outfits from desk to drinks can be a challenge, especially when there’s a dress code to abide by. Lucky for us, we have these girls to show us how it’s done 💁🏻‍♀️

@tonediscoveries on Instagram

Toni shows us how to take that corporate blazer and trousers to a night out in the town. With an already chic and classic ensemble, switch up that corporate top with a basic bandeau for a more playful yet classy look. Like Toni, wearing your hair down is a subtle but effective touch to soften the silhouette - bid adieu to the messy bun for now! 👋🏻

@ng.jillianne on Instagram

Take after Jillianne and get rid of a few layers from your corporate wear - with a trusty playsuit and heels to match, you got yourself an A+ outfit to wear for a couple of margaritas with the girls. We love this straight cut playsuit, and the cut outs at the waist are a nice touch. Accessorizing is key to adding oomph to a playsuit, and we love how Jillianne styled this!

@aptlazo on Instagram

This outfit by Pat is to die for - if you’re a big blazer fan, here’s an alternative look you should definitely try! Pair your blazer with a cute mini skirt and strut the town like you own it with a pair of elegant and trusty pumps. Monochrome dressing for this look is recommended, as it’s a good way to tie the look together. Like Pat, don’t be afraid to play with bold colors!

@sophiacuria on Instagram

Sophia’s look is definitely a go-to for wine nights with the girls. Turn any dainty button down work top into an off-shoulder show stopper within seconds! Pair it with some flared trousers and heels for added elegance. What we love best about this outfit is that it’s versatile and applicable to almost any work top you have in your wardrobe. Kudos, Sophia! 👏🏻

For us weekday warriors, taking our outfits from desk to drinks doesn't have to be a chore. With the right basics and closet staples, a simple blazer and trusty trousers can go a long way.


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