8 Small Wellness Habits for Your Mid-Year's Resolutions

Half of the year has passed us by. Let's take some time to breathe and reflect on how we've spent the year so far, and think about where we are in terms of the goals we set for 2018.

For those who promised themselves a healthier year and are a little behind on that promise, here are 8 small habits to build that will surely help you jump back on track with your health goals this 2018:

  1. Improve posture. Being slumped in front of a desk the entire day can kill your posture. Doing daily stretches and being more aware of your posture helps with blood circulation, allowing for more efficient performance. Plus, you'll look more confident and well-kept.
  2. Find a workout that works for you. Keeping fit should be a well-loved activity, not a chore. A lot of times, trips to the gym get pushed back because you hate lifting weights or running. And that’s okay. If the gym isn’t your thing, perhaps yoga, dance, or boxing is. Long walks are just as good.
  3. Replace soda with water. Staying hydrated helps with weight loss, memory, skincare, and making you feel energized. Soda may go really well with meals, but it dehydrates the body and is linked to a lot of illnesses, like diabetes and heart disease.
  4. Control your vices. Whatever vice you may have - may it be drinking, smoking, or too many sweets - I think it’s time for portion control, and contemplating on quitting. A lot of money goes into funding these vices that aren’t helping the body in the slightest. Let’s stop fulfilling our short-term needs, and start easing ourselves into a change that will help us long-term.
  5. Eat less fast food and processed meat. It’s time to vow to eat real food. Being more conscious about what you eat on a daily basis can help you evaluate whether you tend to consume the same unhealthy junk you should be avoiding. Yes, fast food is delicious. But let’s try mixing it up this year with a wider range of food choices.
  6. Get enough sleep. A good night’s sleep is often taken for granted. Lack of sleep leads to moodiness, fatigue, and burnout (among others). Funny enough, striving to get enough sleep daily might be the hardest habit to build on this list, but pushing yourself to sleep 7 to 8 hours daily will in effect, drive you to accomplish everything you need to do during the day.
  7. Meditate. Having time to yourself is a sacred activity, and should be given importance. Moments of silence and introspection allow for one to think about one’s priorities and goals for the day, what you’re grateful for, and more. Best to set at least 10 minutes in the morning and at night for this, instead of choosing to scroll through your social media.
  8. Time outside. Soaking up sunlight every now and then is quite relaxing, especially on early mornings. The homebodies out there will dread having to dress up to leave the house, but I’m sure you’ll learn to love taking time off Netflix for 15-minute scenic strolls.

Forming habits can be a struggle. Like anyone here, there is a number of big health milestones that I want to hit this year. But rather than fixating on goals, let's choose to focus on the little steps that will lead to it. It is our habits, after all, that will yield the results we desire. 

Here's to spending the second half of this year evermore mindful and determined to care for ourselves better!

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