Our Morning Mantra

Our Story

When we launched Morning Clothing back in 2018, the goal was to become the young hardworking Filipina’s go to source for comfortable and affordable clothing. Over time, we’ve grown to be best loved for our range of basics that one can confidently carry any day of the week.

It’s taken a village to grow our small sunshiny brand (and it still does today!). And while we still work with much love and gigil to bring you the best, we’ve also been building up the courage to be the inclusive and empowering label that we’ve always set ourselves to be.

Fast Facts about Morning Clothing


Locally sourced and made

Made with you in mind

All teams and functions within the business are led by strong, capable women. As we progress, we make it a point to learn more ways to nurture women-empowered spaces and platforms.

Every piece that arrives at your doorstep is produced lovingly in the Philippines by our partner seamstresses, with materials sourced from local suppliers.

our Morning Girls are always at the heart of all our product developments. Everyday we make it our task to find better and more meaningful ways to serve you.

Who we serve

We’re here for the girl on a journey who is constantly evolving and recreating herself. Morning Clothing is an online ready-to-wear label that thoughtfully makes clothes that fit you so good, that you’ll want to wear them over and over – for every phase, occasion, and milestone of your life.

Newly-awakened budol culture aside, we know deep down that whenever we shop, the ultimate goal to get wear and value from what we buy. Nobody wants a closet full of unworn clothing. Because of this, our hope is that when you shop from Morning Clothing, it’s able to transcend from being that “cute-thing-you-bought-online” and actually be useful in many areas of your life.

Mornings bring possibility. Our goal is to get more Filipinas into #themorninghabit - to regularly set the tone for the day with an outfit that makes one feel empowered, confident, and beautiful.


We are an accessible ready-to-wear clothing label that provides a range of garments that can withstand numerous wears and translate into many styles.


Be all Filipina’s go to clothing brand for outfits that fit you good and best represent you.